Founder Information

Founder Daisy Terry

Daisy Terry was raised in New Mexico on a farm with Thirteen brothers and sisters. After moving to Dallas, Texas, she started a family of her own having five children. Since that time, she worked as a waitress for El Fenix for over Forty years.

A survivor of Breast cancer, she began to instill qualities like grace, faith, honesty, and good will. Forgiveness was always a key to her success, gratitude to all that knew her kept her alive through all her years until she finally passed on into Heaven at 94 years of age.

While still alive, I promised her I would keep those qualities alive by beginning a Non-Profit named The Daisy Terry Foundation for Kids. Since 2003, I have owned and operated this charity foundation that promises to aid handicapped gifted and talented children in art education while possibly offering them the talents to learn a skill in Film, Television, and Theater.

I also operate a for profit company called the Fan 101 Club that offers these children an avenue to sell the artworks they make. Together, we promote a you tube kids show I produce called Kid Krunkd. This show we make is designed to get attention from artists and sponsors around the globe attracting donors while offering our D.T.F. children a place to showcase their arts and talents on our show and art galleries around the D.F.W. area.

After almost ten years of struggling to keep the foundation alive, in 2011, these companies have finally gotten on the map. We utilize a "pay it forward" method of aid where these children appearing on our show, and the parents of our community stay connected to the sponsors, donors, and clients of our D.T.F. family.

We are Dallas based but intend on opening our second location in L.A., California where I will seek to finish my Writer/Director of Narrative Feature Film degree @ U.C.L.A. film School, attracting new youthful art oriented sponsors. We utilize funds from our Endowment Fund D.T.F. Kids.

We thank all of our community members, clients, and donors. We especially appreciate all of our D.T.F. Kids children that have or will be appearing on our show, our gallery showings, and in our upcoming events like the "Walk-a-Thon" coming up as soon as we are able to proceed with sponsors, donations, grants, and gifts from new avenues. Stay Tuned!