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We operate through donations, grants, and 10% of all sales from fan 101 club @ We are a non-profit organization.

We utilize a "pay it forward" method accepting these grants, donations, and endowments. Our expected goal in is to put 25K a year into our grant for Kids Education in the Arts programming Endowment fund, D.T.F. Kids.

Remember, kids in these upcoming generations need help from everyone, donating your time, energy, and efforts along with whatever monetary contributions, aid our kids in the community with more than just education in the arts training and lifelong assistance, it gives them the renewed confidence that someone is out there helping them to be successful, and that someone is you and me!

May every moment be great and rewarding.

Thank You for helping American disadvantaged gifted and talented children learn a talent in Audio/Video and other aspects of behind the scenes Theatrical and Television productions.

Give to a great cause- then subscribe to track our future progress!

10$ Donations Receive:
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50$ Donations Receive:
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500$ Donations Receive:
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1K$ Donations Receive:
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