Our D.T.F. Kids Mission

Our Mission!

 We connect individuals in our online community through conscious donations and active participation.

The Daisy Terry Foundation for kids brings gifted and talented kids, and kids with M.S. from our online community into public focus by training these wonderful children in the art of Video, Audio, and Acting while "show casing" their talents on our site for the world to see, meet, and know through their lifetime and ours!

Our Purpose! 
The creation of an online community where donors and recipients alike will build life-long relationships where the benefactor is everyone!

Your part! 
Your purchases and charitable contributions enable these children for the future, not only offering each child a rewarding future in the Arts but the added gift of their needs being at least partially met by responsible viewers of our online community just like you!

By joining our mailing list, you will be the first to know about:
  • Up coming Local kids events to your town
  • Up coming art shows in your area
  • Up coming signing spots in your town 
  • 24/7 online community support
  • chances to be on our show
  • develop never ending friendships
  • Learn about fundraiser events
  • chances to win prizes
  • Opportunity to make a change in your community
  • Help organize marathons and challenges
  • Stay connected