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Live Customer Chat is a chatline available to connect with a live human being, (open from 9a.m. until 9p.m.) there to handle your concerns, answer all questions, and even process orders. If you have any final needs to handle in fixing an order, contacting a community member, or just need to talk. This chatline is open for you.

D.T.F. Customer chat line is useful in aiding clients, customers, donors, and community members in fixing problems, facilitating needs, and confirming orders. Any harmful behavior or intent will instigate immediate drop from line. We do not accept angry or disturbing calls, texts, or any misleading information.

This chat line is intended for users over the age of 18, children with parents permission, and clients or associates of the D.T.F. Foundation, so have fun and keep in mind we are around children.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, donors, patrons, and fund raiser or community D.T.F. family members, we also thank all of our Kids appearing on our shows, in our art showings, and appearing in and around our community.